Hi, I’m Jay. An Australian who’s unexpectedly ended up in Warsaw, and is working as a freelance writer and editor.

This is where you’ll most often find me: in a cafe, coffee in one hand, laptop in the other, banging out something to some rapidly approaching deadline.

I write for a couple of Warsaw-based newspapers and magazines, as well as the column An Expat Opinion about my exploits abroad for (Australian) newssite Crikey.

Here you’ll find some of my travel writing (not sure where to start? I’d start here) – mainly the wacky and off-beat in and around Poland. There’s also a teaser from my quirky first novel, The Last Beer in the Share House Fridge, which I’m currently working on finding a publisher for. If you’re suffering from insomnia, any of my social policy publications should do the trick.

Have a read, comment if you feel inspired, tell your friends if you enjoyed something. Thanks for visiting, and come back soon.

Email me: jay at iinet dot net dot au.

Jay Martin


8 responses to “About

  1. great …you are in my favs …and will link to you

  2. Wonderful articles! Poland is happy to have you!

  3. you have done job well here, you can speak Polish and our language. You make time of living longer

  4. I’ve very much enjoyed your articles and blog. Good luck with the book.

  5. Where are you now Jay??? I’m a Varsavian you know quite well 😉

  6. Precisely what truly encouraged you to post “Jay Martin Writes”?
    I actuallytruly liked the blog post! I appreciate
    it -Francine

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