DSCN3647G’day, cześć, thanks for stopping by!

This is me, doing two of my favourite things – drinking coffee, and writing.

The photo is taken somewhere I never imagined I’d find myself – a diplomatic wife, in Warsaw, Poland.

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and even after doing the whole ‘gap year’ (or five … ) which took me places like the UK, Vietnam, Japan, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, ended with a little decade in Perth, and spat me out as a social policy adviser in (of all places) Canberra, I never imagined I’d find myself here. Well, not how I did, anyway.

Poland? Sure. Sounds like an adventure! But a diplomat’s wife?

I tried my best, I really did. I made chocolate cake. I volunteered at the Warsaw Uprising Museum. I learned Polish. I ate smoked salmon with presidents and prime ministers, I fetched coffee for climate change minister Penny Wong, I took photos for foreign minister Stephen Smith, I had a regular column at Australian newssite Crikey. I played ‘where shall we summer?’ with the other international wives.

But some days, that language was so hard, the culture was so foreign, and the winters were so very, very long. And I’m just not very diplomatic …

Please feel free to get in touch here.  I’d love to hear about your thoughts on my book, your own adventures in the expat world – and your own views on whether marriage really can survive diplomacy.

And where I am now? Well after three years in Poland, I swore I’d never live anywhere cold, dark, or more than two flights from Australia again. So when I got the opportunity to move to northern Canada, of course I said yes. But that’s a story for another day …