The Last Beer in the Share House Fridge. A Novel.

The Last Beer in the Share House Fridge – my (as yet unpublished) novel

22 year old Bianca, having been driven out of her fifth share house by the incident involving Geoff and the ferret, moves into her sixth – and what she hopes will be last – share house. Bianca knows what she wants (to graduate from university, get a job as a diplomat, get a place of her own, and be in charge of her own life). Now all she has to do is sit back and wait for her fairytale ending.

‘The Last Beer in the Share House Fridge’ covers six months in Bianca’s life as, one by one, her plans fall apart. The story progresses, principally through conversations between her and her five house mates on philosophy, literature and the greatest Oz Rock anthem of all time (“Throw your arms around me”), as Bianca comes to terms with the fact that even if life isn’t always a fairytale, it’s usually an adventure.

‘The Last Beer…’ is part reflection on the great early-twenties quest to understand what it’s all about, part historical documentary of the great social institution of the Australian share house, wrapped up in a laugh-out-loud plot involving dead philosophers, irritating house mates, an evil landlord, and the endless quest for a working share house fridge.

Set in mid-1990s Perth against the backdrop of ‘the Recession we had to have’, cheap rents, the looming specter of actual university fees, and hot summer nights spent at local pubs like the Swannie and the Cott, it’s destined to be appreciated by anyone who’s ever looked back on a share house experience and thought, ‘What the fuck was that about?’

[Read excerpt]

If you happen to be a publisher and think this sounds cool, we should definitely talk.


One response to “The Last Beer in the Share House Fridge. A Novel.

  1. very funny – you know i had a volleyball team called ‘sharehouse fridge’

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